For spiritual or medicinal purposes white sage is a powerful herb. White Sage absorbs the sun’s energy to create aromatic oils that keep its leaves supple and alive. Because of the abundant amount of essential oils produced, White Sage burns well as incense or smudge.

American Indians have said that the smoke is useful not only for the purification of the body, but for material objects as well. For this reason sage is considered a sacred plant to many tribes and considered to have many healing and fortifying properties.

For sweat lodges, some tribes boil up wild sage into a tea to splash on the heated stones when steam is required. Other tribes have placed pieces of sage in between the firewood in the belief that the plant will help to purify even the fire itself. Native Indians made the leaves into smudge sticks and burned them during prayer and ceremonies. The plant also makes a non-lathering shampoo and rinse that leaves the hair soft and beautiful (I would encourage the use of White Sage as a shampoo!)

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