Crystalline Onyx Based Salt Lamps

– each comes with fitting and 7/15watt bulb


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Salt lamps when on have many advantages over normal ionizers. They improve the general atmosphere of any room. The Salt lamp binds the negative ions with excess positive ions. When it becomes warm, it absorbs moisture and the crystal will be damp on the surface. This builds up the ion field. Placing a Salt lamp next to a television or computer reduces the electromagnetic field that these produce. Over exposure results in nervousness, insomnia, lack of concentration and accumulation of more free radicals in the body, known to be a cause of cancer.

Healing – Tests done with kids who have ADHD have shown that after 1 week of having the lamp on their symptoms subsided. When the lamp is removed the symptoms return. Also helps relieving the symptoms of Asthma and allergies in general

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  • MSC Clip1

    Clip Fittings

    $10.00 excl GST Read more
  • Egg_Salt_Lamps_54f8dfaaf0734

    Egg Salt Lamps

    $40.00 excl GST Read more
  • MSC bulb15

    Lightbulbs – Clear

    $2.27 excl GST Read more
  • Pyramid_Salt_Lam_54f8dfe263499

    Pyramid Salt Lamps

    $40.00 excl GST Read more
  • Flame

    Salt Lamp Flames

    $40.91 excl GST Read more
  • Rose Salt Lamp

    Salt Lamp Rose

    $40.91 excl GST Read more
  • SALT Tearl

    Salt Lamp Tear Drop

    $40.00 excl GST Read more
  • Salt_Lamps___2kg_54f8ddcadd917

    Salt Lamps – 2kg to 4kg

    $21.36 excl GST Read more
  • Salt_Lamps___4kg_54f8de9ab5972

    Salt Lamps – 4kg to 6kg

    $27.73 excl GST Read more
  • Sphere_Salt_Lamp_54f8e0160d970

    Sphere Salt Lamps

    $40.00 excl GST Read more